Learn the art of making cocktails and drinks in Boston with our exciting courses. We offer a wide variety of training programs designed for those who want to become a true cocktail master. Regardless of your level of training or experience, we offer courses to meet your needs.

Our courses include all the knowledge and practical skills you need to create unique and delicious drinks. Our experienced faculty consists of professional bartenders and mixology experts who will share their secrets and techniques with you.

You will be introduced to a diverse range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, learn how to combine ingredients correctly, learn mixing and garnishing techniques, and learn about the history and origins of various cocktails.

Our website L&P_Boston offers a convenient schedule and registration for courses, where you can choose the dates and programs that suit you. We also organize special events where you can showcase your skills and meet other students.

Join us and discover the exciting world of cocktails and drinks. Unleash your creativity and become an expert in the art of mixology with our courses in Boston.

Bartending is a very interesting profession. The basic rules of bartending haven’t changed for many years. They are very simple and easy to learn.

Cocktail making courses are suitable for those who have never encountered the profession of bartending, but would like to learn it or just learn how to make drinks at home for their family, friends and colleagues at any corporate party. We also invite those who want to improve their skills, learn new recipes and new tricks to be not just a professional bartender, but a successful one, to our drink making courses. Our classes can be used as refresher and retraining courses. We will teach you everything we know ourselves.

July 2023