About us

Learn the art of making cocktails and drinks in Boston with our exciting courses. We offer a wide variety of training programs designed for those who want to become a true cocktail master. Regardless of your level of training or experience, we offer courses to meet your needs.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere

  • 27 top cocktails

and more than 50 varieties.
7 versatile cocktail premixes

  • 15 best cocktails for a party and any celebration

Punch for 15 people, pati-drinks and freak cocktails, ice-cream alcopops and cocktail jellies

  • The best presentation

How to decorate and serve cocktails to make it wow!!!

  • 30+ bar tricks

and tricks from the bartender and serving
Cocktails with Effect Effectual Serving

  • Theory and Practice

on vermouth, whiskey, liqueurs and syrups

  • Creation of a Home Bar

We’ll consider what it must have and in what quantity

What you’ll learn

  • 4 weeks of immersion in the cocktail world this will become your favorite online hobby for the next month
  • You’ll learn how to make cocktails – fast, beautiful, and delicious. For you and your friends.
  • You’ll know how to use just one bottle of rum and martinis to make up to 20 delicious cocktails.
  • Have easy house parties, that will become legendary.
  • You’ll always be the center of attention of your friends and a welcome guest at any party.
  • Stop overpaying for cocktails at the bar, you’ll be able to make cocktails even tastier at home.
  • Fulfill a long-held dream to have a bar at home with a properly chosen drinks.
  • You’ll get the girls’ interest… and the respect of men.
  • You’ll start to understand good drinks… and communicate on an equal footing with professional bartenders.

How the Classes Are Set Up

This course is not just a set of videos with recipes and cocktail making. It’s an online school for those who want to really get up to speed on cocktail and bar themes.

Each lesson consists of four blocks

Knowledge Workshop

Here we discuss what you need to know and be able to do,
what tools and ingredients and utensils
to prepare to make cocktails
from this class.


A good bartender not only knows how to make
Cocktails, but also a great conversationalist,
who knows almost everything about drinks and cocktails.
Let’s talk about the origins of drinks,
interesting facts and people.

Making cocktails

Step by step, we make three to nine cocktails
in each class. Plus, you’ll see here
A lot of signature tricks that 70% of professional bartenders don’t know about.
70% of professional bartenders

Chips from the bartender

This will be your favorite block.
John will share his author’s tricks,
tricks and tricks. You’ll be required
practice, but your friends will be thrilled
by your abilities.

Course Program

Training Package: “BASIC”

Training Package: Maximum Result”

Your personal cocktail mentor

John J Rego

Chef-bartender with 20 years of experience

Why it’s worth learning from him

Trained more than 7,000 people

Cocktail craftsmanship, held more than 500 master classes on making cocktails

Has been trained in alcohol brands

In the Netherlands, Ireland, France and the Czech Republic. Visited 30 production facilities of alcoholic beverages in 15 countries

He has taken more than 150 trainings

Seminars and master classes on cocktail making and knowledge of alcoholic beverages

Participated in the opening of more than 25 restaurants

Hotels and bars. Compiled more than 200 wine and cocktail lists