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by Pink Lady

Is it just us or is winter come on particularly strong this year? This has inspired many a LUPECer to hibernate, basking in the glow of a sunlight-simulating lightbox as we watch the snow fall, clad in fuzzy slippers and wooly sweaters. What better way to warm from within than with a hot beverage?

We’ve introduced (and reintroduced) the Hot Toddy here, but how about putting that bottle of Laphroig 15 to good use with a Whisky Skin? Single malt drinkers usually shudder at the thought of mixing scotch into a cocktail, but it’s worth a try, for historical accuracy if nothing else. Blended scotches didn’t appear stateside until the 1890s (along with golf and a fascination with all things Scottish.) Before then, if you were mixing with Scotch whisky, it was the strong, smoky single malt variety.

Back then Scotch was usually served in a Toddy or other hot cocktail, like “Professor” Jerry Thomas’s Blue Blazer. To make this show-stopping tipple, add boiling water to a dram of Scotch, ignite, and hurl back and forth between two mugs; sweeten it with sugar and garnish with a lemon peel to serve. It’s a tough drink to make without injury. We suggest you spare your eyebrows and head down to Drink in Fort Point, where a talented professional can make one for you – if you’re good.

The Blue Blazer isn’t for chillaxing at home, anyway. For that we offer the Whisky Skin, the Blue Blazer’s tamer cousin, also called the Columbia Skin here in Boston. The drink was so popular, it even makes a cameo in the play Honest Abe watched the night he was assassinated. Cuddle up with one as you hunker down with Old Man Winter.

Adapted from Imbibe! By David Wondrich

2 oz of Scotch whisky (use Glenlivet or Islay)
1 small lump of sugar
1 piece of lemon peel

Build in a rocks glass. First rinse the glass with hot water, put in the sugar, fill the glass half-full of boiling water, add the whisky and stir. Garnish with lemon peel.

Cin cin!

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