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by Fancy Brandy

Joining us again this year are Thru the Keyhole Burlesque ladies Sparkles McTitsy & Tallulah Starlight!

l_b2491cc257f577257299fe741c7e57f7Favorite cocktail: We like our cocktails showy & accessorized, martinis, mai tais & mint juleps.

If you were a LUPEC (or DUdePEC, for the gents), what would your namesake cocktail be? The Tipsy McTitsy & the Tallulah Stardust.

Favorite bar: Sparkles prefers a night on the town at Local 121 in Providence, while Tallulah often finds herself sipping cocktails at home on her tiki patio after the kiddies go to bed.

Favorite place to sip a Mai Tai? Kowloon, preferably by the volcano, in the boat!

What first drew you to burlesque? The glitter & glamour of course! But we were also excited by the oddball talent, wackiness & off-color humor found in the modern burlesque community.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? We are inspired by classic burlesque queens to John Water’s & everything in between. Our musical selections vary from the B-52’s, Laurence Welk, Martin Denny to Goldfrapp. We’ve danced as lobsters, chicken, marshmallow fluff, mermaids & gorillas. I would say no subject is safe from our shimmy!

What would you put on your Tiki party playlist? Our old friends Waitiki; there is nothing like a watermelon sacrifice to put you in the sipping mood.

Have you ever done Tiki-inspired burlesque before? Yes! It is one of our favorite themes!

How did you prepare? Many hours of research involving Martin Denny, scorpion bowls & coconut bras, plus help from our tiki-mentor Br. Cleve. (Speaking of….)

Don’t miss Sparkles McTitsy & Tallulah Starlight at the LUPEC Boston Tiki Bash this Saturday! Click HERE for more info and HERE to buy your tickets today!

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