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by Pink Lady
Raise a glass to your right to drink!

On December 5, 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified ending thirteen long, dry years of Prohibition. “Hallelujah!” cried the nation.

This Monday, the ladies of LUPEC will celebrate by turning out a party in our signature style: with full flapper dress, cheap punches, snacks, and cocktailing for a cause!

Because what else do you have to do on Monday besides drink cheap cocktails for charity?

In keeping with the Speakeasy theme of the era, the location of the party won’t be officially announced until later this weekend. But here’s a riddle of a hint:

You’ll find all that you need at this watering hole,
From a dram to a Collins to drinks by the bowl.
Black nectar from the tap is always divine
Or go whole hog if you’re a fan of swine!

Details will be revealed via Twitter, Facebook, this newsletter, and good ol’ word of mouth (a.k.a. text a LUPEC member.)

What to expect:
*LUPEC girls in flapper gear channeling Texas Guinan and saying things like “Hello suckers, come on in & leave your wallet on the bar!”
*$4 cups of punch!
*$2 charity punch – only available to those who know the super secret password (announced on Repeal Day, Dec 5th)
*Great drinks made with Bluecoat Gin, St-Germain & Pierre Ferrand
*Polaroid photo project, all proceeds go to charity
*Hip flasks, flapper gear, and tails welcome!

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Hope to see you there!

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