Making Cocktails Tastier at Home Than at the Bar

If you dream of opening your own bar or learning to mix cocktails. You love to surprise your friends and relatives with unusual drinks and serves, or you just love everything new – this course is for you!

After taking this course you will discover many secrets and nuances of being a barman. You will learn how to professionally use the shaker and other bar equipment. You will learn the methods of cooking and be able to make more than 50 of the most popular cocktails. Learn recipes for syrups and cordials at home. You will be able to create your own “author’s” mixed drinks.

In addition you will receive a bartender’s kit, which is assembled especially for you on the recommendation of Russia’s leading bartenders.

How is our ONLINE-training:

  • You get access to 40 interesting video lessons
  • Learn easy to digest, short lessons from any device
  • During the cocktail course you will stay in touch with a trainer who will be happy to answer all your questions

Bartending is a very interesting profession. The basic rules of bartending haven’t changed for many years. They are very simple and easy to learn.

Cocktail making courses are suitable for those who have never encountered the profession of bartending, but would like to learn it or just learn how to make drinks at home for their family, friends and colleagues at any corporate party. We also invite those who want to improve their skills, learn new recipes and new tricks to be not just a professional bartender, but a successful one, to our drink making courses. Our classes can be used as refresher and retraining courses. We will teach you everything we know ourselves.

July 2023