Course Program

History of Bars

The emergence of the first bars.
Developments in different countries and what is the bar industry now.

History of Cocktails

Who and when invented the first cocktail. Why they called it that. The main stages of cocktail development and its classification. What are cocktail classics and twists – why make them today?

Bar Equipment

All the basic professional equipment. Why you need it and how to use it.

Beautiful pours from the bottle

A bartender is a professional who makes a beautiful show out of his work. That’s why even how we make a pour from a bottle with and without a geyser is important.

Cocktail making methods

There are 6 basic cocktail making methods and 4 additional techniques. By learning them all in a handy “step by step” presentation, you can subsequently make any cocktail by knowing the recipe.

Ice as the main attribute of cocktails

Learn how to freeze ice at home quickly just in large quantities. You won’t need bags.

Homemade ingredients for cocktails

Learn the specifics of making sugar syrup at home, its flavor variations. Learn how to make cordial, stock mint, lime, and other ingredients.

Cocktail Decoration

How to make a cocktail so that it brings not only taste but also aesthetic pleasure quickly and easily. How to choose a glass, ice, and garnish.

Blend – Cocktails

  • A delicious milkshake
  • Smoothies from different components
  • Lemonade Constructor

Bild – cocktails

  • King of Parties: Punch
  • Mojitos in every flavor and its ancestor Mint Julep
  • The best wine-based cocktail – sangria
  • +100500 variations of Gin Tonic

Steer – cocktails

  • The legendary Dry Martini cocktail
  • Negroni and his company: americano, zballatto, bullardier

Shake – cocktails

  • Sauer in every flavor
  • Clover Club.
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Bucket of Shots – cocktail for big company
  • TIKI cocktails and Mai Tai

Trowwing – cocktails

  • Stunning Madame – Bloody Mary and how to prepare for a tequila party?

Layer – cocktails

How to peel any shot and why you shouldn’t light it on fire

Getting ready for a cocktail party

How to put together an extensive menu while buying a minimum of expensive ingredients. What you need to prepare: chill, freeze, squeeze, select, decompose, and polish… How not to become a party hostage and have fun. What you can and can’t mix so as not to ruin your morning

How to improvise and create cocktails

What is a cocktail formula and how to make a cocktail to suit every taste with the ingredients you have

Bartending is a very interesting profession. The basic rules of bartending haven’t changed for many years. They are very simple and easy to learn.

Cocktail making courses are suitable for those who have never encountered the profession of bartending, but would like to learn it or just learn how to make drinks at home for their family, friends and colleagues at any corporate party. We also invite those who want to improve their skills, learn new recipes and new tricks to be not just a professional bartender, but a successful one, to our drink making courses. Our classes can be used as refresher and retraining courses. We will teach you everything we know ourselves.

July 2023