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White lightning, mountain dew, firewater, hooch—moonshine, or spirits made via an unlicensed still, goes by many different names in the United States.





While the term technically describes any spirit made illicitly, or “by the light of the moon”, in America moonshine typically denotes un-aged or white whiskey bottled in a mason jar and hailing from Appalachia or someplace south of the Mason-Dixon line.

So, where are blue-blooded Yankees supposed to get their hands on some? A handful of American distilleries produce their own modern and totally legally versions.


But as long as you call it moonshine, you can still imagine yourself a badass sipping amongst the bootleggers of yesteryear.



Later this year, Massachusetts’s own Curtis McMillan will open McMillan Distillery right here in the Bay State. McMillan, along with CEO Rhonda Kallman (who made a name for herself by helping to establish a little brew called Sam Adams) and a former distiller from Johnny Walker, will team up to develop their own Massachusetts moonshine, which you’ll hopefully be able to taste this fall.


In the interim, satisfy your curiosity by joining Curtis at Understanding Moonshine, a class at Gordon’s Fine Wine in Waltham this Friday.



Curtis will discuss the history of moonshine, eliminate myths about the mixture and explore how modern moonshine offers a vibrant palate for modern cocktails. He’ll teach students how to take sour apple martinis from busted to badass by switching the base from vodka to moonshine—and changing the name, of course.


We’re curious: can he do anything about the color?


Sign up to find out. And meanwhile, enjoy this cocktail developed by Lu Brow of Café Adelaide in New Orleans.


  • 1.5 oz Cat Daddy moonshine
  • .5 oz ounce orange curacao
  • .5 oz ounce lemon juice
  • 1 dash Fee’s orange bitters
  • large swatch of orange peel
  • cinnamon, cayenne and sugar rim

Oh, Daddy.

  1. Using a vegetable peeler peel a large 2-3 inch swatch of orange peel. Take the cocktail coupe and rim with the cayenne, cinnamon and sugar  rim.  Set aside and mix cocktail.
  2. In a mixing glass combine moonshine, orange curacao, lemon and orange bitters.  Shake well and strain into a rimmed cocktail coupe.


  • 1 table spoon granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon each of cinnamon and cayenne pepper
  1. Stir well
  2. CIN-CIN!


(What she said. Understanding Moonshine at Gordon’s Fine Wines. Remember: moonshine may have helped invent NASCAR, but it didn’t really want to.)


[Fri 1.20.11. 894 Main St., Waltham. 781.893.1900. 6:30pm-7:30pm/21+/$10.@McMillanWhiskeymcmillandistillery.com]

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