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…can be enjoyed at Green Street this Easter Sunday, where LUPEC President Hanky Panky has put together a special Egg Drink List in honor of the holiday.

This important ingredient of many, many classics like fizzes and flips has fallen out of misuse in the age of the Cosmo. Cocktail enthusiasts across the country are helping the mighty egg make a comeback by incorporating egg-based classics and modern vintage egg originals into their menus. The Egg Drink List offered at Green Street tomorrow evening will be a perfect opportunity to give eggs a shot. The menu will include original creations, like the Fort Washington Flip, The Brewster Sour, a variation on the Pisco Sour featuring St-Germain, and of course, the irrepressible Pink Lady.

The list is available all night long and the bar is open from 5:30 ’til 1. If you aren’t completely stuffed with ham or lamb, Green Street will be serving their full dinner menu from 5:30 to 10:30. There is no cover charge, and be sure to bring your patience, as egg-based drinks require time and lots and lots of shaking. A special guest shaker will accompany Hanky Panky from an undisclosed location in a very tony Boston neighborhood (can you guess who it is?)

So when you’re all set with these…

You can move on to these!

Consider it a grown-up Easter Egg Hunt!

(Pink Lady photo courtesy of thinking of drinking.)

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