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What would the perfect cocktail bar look like? When posed with such a question, a LUPEC broad’s mind wanders…

“Vintage glassware would be a must,” responds one broad. “Glasses like the ones I can’t stop buying on Ebay.”

“And corners…lots of corners. No one likes to crane their necks to talk to each other, like they’re sitting on some bench, waiting for the bus,” posits another.

“I dream of massive blocks of ice like they used to use before there were ice-makers,” says the third. “Imagine walking into a bar and seeing a huge chunk of ice sitting back there, waiting to be hand chipped into my drink.”

The LUPEC broads grow quiet, dreaming of the day they might walk into such a place.

According to this preview of Barbara Lynch’s new cocktail spot, such a place will open in Fort Point Channel on Sept 15th.

We are counting the days.

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