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  Repeal Night at The Hawthorne

Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 6:31 PM

  1. Your flapper dress/tux-with-tails have been gathering dust since the last LUPEC Repeal Day Party.
  2. You own a flapper dress/tux-with-tails at all.
  3. You have $50 burning a hole in your pocket and would rather have cocktails, hors d’ouevres, and a signed copy of the informative and entertaining Drinking Boston than holey pants.
  4. Hurricane Sandy put a bar/bartender you love from New York out of commision and you’d like them to get back on their feet. So you can have a place to drink in NYC.
  5. You’re a history buff who has always been curious about colonial drinking habits in our fair city but never had anyone to ask. In person. Until now…ahem, Stephanie Schorow author of Drinking Boston.
  6. You have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and don’t want to miss the best party of the holiday season.
  7. You love cocktails so much, you can’t imagine socializing without them. Meaning you would have suffered greatly during Prohibition. Raise a glass and a wish that those dark times don’t return. 
  8. You like to be anyplace where Ladies of LUPEC and guys and gals from the USBG Boston are serving up fabulous punch.
  9. You’ve tried Prohibition-era hors d’ouevres and think that too many of them involve anchovy paste. What will The Hawthorne have to offer?
  10. You’re dying for the chance to take home a book that has Ernest Hemingway, Jacques, The Boston Massacre, Barack Obama, the Rathskellar, Joe McGuirk, Silvertone, the Sons of Liberty, and of course, LUPEC Boston, all listed in the index.


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LUPEC cordially invites you to…

Repeal Night at The Hawthorne

A Farewell to Bathtub Gin 

The Hawthorne, 500A Commonwealth Ave

Wednesday, December 5, 2012Doors open at 6:31PM 

 The night that Prohibition was repealed was a very exciting time to be in Boston, according to Stephanie Schorow, author of Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits (Union Park Press, November 2012). With the first legal drink served to Massachusetts Governor Joseph Ely at 6:31 on the dot, boisterous crowds took to the streets. Everyone wanted to be a part of the excitement-many wanted to get their hands on legal liquor, but many were there just to watch the celebration.

To commemorate the anniversary of repeal in Boston, a group of history-loving cocktail aficionados are hosting Repeal Night at The Hawthorne: A Farewell to Bathtub Gin. Party-goers will celebrate the end of the thirteen-year dry spell with (post) Prohibition-era cocktails, savory snacks and plenty of hijinks as they relive the day that bartenders went back to work and Bawdy Boston returned to the bar. In the same vein, proceeds from the Repeal Night party will go to USBG New York, to support those in the restaurant industry that are suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

Repeal Night at The Hawthorne: A Farewell to Bathtub Gin
Hosted by The Hawthorne, LUPEC Boston, and USBG Boston
The Hawthorne, 500A Commonwealth Avenue
Wednesday, December 5, 2012.  
Doors open at 6:31 (the exact time the first legal drink was served in Boston)
Proceeds go to support efforts of USBG of New York, to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Buy tickets ($50) online and at the door (limited amount available, buy in advance online to ensure admittance!)  
Ticket price includes cocktails, snacks, a complimentary copy of Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits, and lots of celebratory fun.

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