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DIG BOSTON  November 17, 2011

At heart, we Americans are a culture are prone to excess, especially when it comes to eating and drinking on Thanksgiving. Borrowing a page from cultured old Europe, we’d like to share one of our secrets for eating and drinking for hours on end:

a lovely little spirit category known as digestifs.

As the name implies digestifs are consumed post-dinner to help the diner, you now, digest. Often rife with herbs and spices believed to have stomach-settling properties, these tend to be higher in alcohol than their antecedent, the aperitif. Modern bartenders use them to add flavor to cocktails, though digestifs are traditionally served straight or on the rocks.

Any cocktail nerd worth his rye knows of Fernet, the cocktail bartender’s shot of choice. How this became so among the cocktail glitterati remains a mystery, but it most certainly has arrived. Earlier this month the brand toured the Boston-area in a tricked out VW Fernet bus. And you shouldn’t be shocked to find some of our favorite local bartenders astride a baby blue Fernet cruiser.


Huzzah for clever marketing.

The American anomaly of Fernet shots aside, this amaro, or bitter, is consumed in Italy after dinner to help digest. Like most liqueurs it has a secretive recipe, containing dozens of different herbs including saffron, aloe, gentian root, chamomile, myrrh, and so many more. The flavor: bitter like a boxing glove to the head, and a little minty.

Nothing could be so effective at pushing all that turkey down your gullet.

Nipping Fernet at key points throughout your meal is a surefire way to keep you eating for hours on end, but for the bitter tasters among us, Fernet can be a bit much. Hailing from Sicily, Averna is much sweeter than its northern cousin.

When it’s time for a post-dinner cocktail, try this creation by the amaro-minded Joy Richard, a.k.a. Bourbon Belle. When designing the bar for The Citizen, she finagled a way to have Fernet on tap. Now that’s a bitter kind of love.


1.5 oz Punt e mes
.75 Falanghina Grappa
.5 oz averna
3 dashes ango orange
Stir, strain, grapefruit



The first annual Glovebox Fundraiser for the Arts at West End Johnnies features both specialty cocktails and a silent auction, so you’ll have something quality to sip on as you stare down potential bidders.

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As avid followers of LUPEC both here and via our social media channels (@lupecboston) know we travel far and wide for the cocktail. Once a year we pursue our love of libations at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and the recently established Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York City. More recently we’ve traveled to further reaches of the country, exotic places such as the Bay Area in California or the even more rugged Portlandia, to partake of their citywide Cocktail Week festivals. We can’t thank these cities enough for blazing the trail, yet all the while we’ve mused,

“when is Boston going to get it’s own cocktail week? New York beat us to the punch, obvi, but Portlandia?


Then, like magic, the Greater Boston Beverage Society (GBBS) formed. This not-for-profit organization has been developed to “preserve and promote Boston’s cocktail and hospitality culture and spirits history while supporting local and national beverage industry related charities.” Could there be a more noble society? And while they’re at it, the GBBS will develop The Boston Cocktail Summit, a kick-ass cocktail festival of national scale slated for October 4-6, 2012.

In the meantime, as preview for the Boston Cocktail Summit, the GBBS will throw a wild party called Shakin’ It Up on Sunday, November 13th from 5-11 p.m. at House of Blues. The event will be an intimate VIP-style gala where attendees will enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, comedy, live music and the Left Bank vs. Right Bank Bartender Competition, where Boston and Cambridge bar stars will take go head-to-head in a friendly battle to determine which side of the river is home to the Boston-area’s best bartenders. Comedian Joey Carroll, Prince Tribute Band Lovesexy, and the ever energetic Dawg and Poni Show will perform. In addition to this madness there will be all the free cocktails you can drink (uh-oh), a sick silent auction and delicious hors d’ouevres.

Tickets cost $40 in advance, $50 at the door and can—and should—be purchased now.

Sip on one of these as you log online immediately to buy your tickets.


Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Bartender’s Guide (6th edition, 1946, or before; 1st ed. 1935)

Via drinkboston.com      

3/4 oz dry gin
3/4 oz apricot nectar liqueur
1/4 oz grenadine
1/4 oz lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.




Exactly what part of “all you can drink” are you having trouble with? Get yer tickets!


SUN 11.13.11
5PM/21+/$40 ADV

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