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by Pink Lady

Whenever LUPEC throws a party I find myself gleefully overwhelmed: So many cocktails on offer, so little time…however will I sample all of the delicious drinks on this list in one evening? Perhaps I’d try if I were a guest, but since I’m there representing a ladies club devoted to sophisticated and responsible imbibing, I abstain, lest I end up dancing on a table with a lampshade on my head.

But what about all those cocktails I missed out on?

Now, thanks the the recently available Little Black Book of Cocktails by LUPEC Boston, many of those drinks can be made in the comfort of your own home. Handsomely designed by LUPEC Boston’s own Pinky Gonzales, this smart little book contains recipes for all ten of the “namesake cocktails” of the ladies of LUPEC Boston, plus recipes for some of our favorite classics and vintage-inspired originals — approximately 40 favorites in all. We’ve designed it with readers like you in mind, so you may enjoy these fine drinks at home, on your own time — lampshade chapeau-ed dance optional.

The book costs $15 and all proceeds from book sales benefit the Friends Boutique at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which provides wigs, prosthetics, scarves and services for people dealing with the appearance side effects of cancer treatment.

LUPEC partnered with Cambridge-based photographer Matt Demers last fall to participate in his “Women in Pearls” series. Modeled after a striking black and white photograph of 1920s It-girl Louise Brooks (right), the “Pearls” project is Demers‘ study on body image and beauty for modern women. In the artists’ own words,

“Thanks to the photographic magic of Eugene Robert Richee the starlet [Brooks] was stripped of culturally-defined trappings. No make-up, high-fashion or salon treatments. Black on black, her physical body shape disappeared into the abyss. Over-exposed skin tones erased any skin flaws. The authentic Louise Brooks emerged, bold and exquisite.”

In Demers‘ mind, LUPEC + Pearls = a match made in heaven: “Passionate about their craft, bucking stereotypes with gusto, champions for social causes: the LUPEC ladies were a natural fit for my evolving project. Channeling the spirit of the Pandora’s Box muse, the ladies stepped in front of the camera with fearless zest to become the cornerstone of the series.”

And his images, in turn, became the cornerstone of The Little Black Book of Cocktails by LUPEC Boston.

To order a copy of The Little Black Book of Cocktails email us at lupecboston@gmail.com. You can also pick up a copy at Magpie (617-623-3330) in Davis Square, Somerville, or Buckaroo’s Mercantile (617-492-4792) in Central Square, Cambridge.

And let us know what you think of the drinks by dropping us a note in the comments section. The first reader to respond letting us know they’ve tried all ten cocktails just might receive a special prize at our next event!

A sante!

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The Advancement of Girls’ Education is having a “dough raiser” at Uno’s in Porter Square this Thursday the 17th. 15% of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to the organization, which works to provide secondary school scholarships, mentoring, and leadership training so that girls in rural villages in Malawi can continue their education.

Come watch the game with us and support these young ladies!

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by Pink Gin

The ladies of LUPEC Boston have focused their charitable energies on local women’s causes. But there are a lot of ways to give back, and here is one that helps women in developing countries.

Water For People (WFP), a non-profit organization, is a champion for people in developing countries – helping them help themselves by implementing simple, affordable water and sanitation solutions to meet the needs of their community.

Why is this a women’s issue? According to research cited by WFP:

–The average distance that women in developing countries walk to collect water per day is 6 kilometers (4 miles) and the average weight that women carry on their heads is approximately 20 kilograms (44 pounds), the same weight as airport luggage allowance. (WSSCC, 2004)

–Almost 70% of the world’s citizens living in poverty are women. (World Water Day, 2001)

Water For People projects impact entire communities—hundreds of people. Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation can change the economic climate because people are able to work and build businesses. Children are less likely to be ill and can attend school. Women are free from tedious water collection and are free to take care of their families and generate income. Entrepreneurs sprout up around the water project, finding creative ways to begin new businesses related to this new community asset.

So — in the spirit of LUPEC Boston’s belief that having fun and making the world a better place are not contradictory – check out the Water For People Gala Celebration!

This event features:

–High-scoring dining
–Pre-Gala tours of Fenway Park
–Live jazz entertainment
–Live auction of Red Sox memorabilia
–Special MC – WCVB’s Karen Holmes Ward

Proceeds from this event will go directly to WFP, so your contribution will have a significant impact on the lives of impoverished people worldwide.

Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available now!

And if you can’t make it to the event, we suggest raising a Croton Cocktail in one hand (as you make out a generous donation check with the other) in honor of this great cause.

A salut!

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Between drink sales, book sales, and raffles tickets, LUPEC Boston raised $2230 for the Friends Boutique at LADIES NIGHT at Toro our March 30th event. Not bad for a three-hour long cocktail party.

Thanks again to all who came out to support the cause. We’re thrilled!

Also check out this article about LUPEC and the Ladies Night event in the online women’s magazine, Misstropolis.


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In two and a half weeks, 1,250 runners of the Boston Marathon will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Let’s support these athletic, ambitious ladies!

Casey is one woman who will be running, in honor of her grandmother, to improve the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s and promote research and effective treatments. If you’d like to donate to this cause, click here.

If you know of any other fabulous broads running the marathon in support of their causes, please post a comment with the link to their donation page so LUPEC readers can share their support!

May your feet fly, ladies. I’ll be toasting you with an Aviation at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square.

1.5 ounces gin
.75 ounce maraschino liqueur
.75 ounce fresh lemon juice
Maraschino cherry (optional)
Shake the gin, maraschino liqueur, and lemon juice well with ice; then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, if desired.

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